Academia Meets Industry; My Summer Internship

It is no secret that graduates will be entering the job market at a particularly challenging time, with slow economic recovery and increasing competition the need to make your CV Stand out is now more necessary than ever.

Many university students will inevitably realise that the combination of both academic success and relevant industry experience are equally prized by employers, making this the most common recipe for success for recent university graduates aiming to land their dream job.

With final year projects and examinations drawing to a close and graduation on the horizon, it is only natural to start planning for post University life and entering the world of work. As a third year Marketing student at De Montfort University I was looking for a new challenge. I was eager to put the skills and academia that I have learnt throughout my three years of study into practice. Relevant industry experience that would facilitate greater exposure to the fundamentals of Marketing in industry was what I knew I wanted to build upon, making my CV all the more appealing whilst standing out amongst the competition.

I was successful in achieving a summer internship as a Marketing and Business Support Associate at People Marketing Fashion Recruitment. Interning at People Marketing Recruitment was a valuable experience that has facilitated a greater understanding of Marketing for businesses. I was given a number of marketing and business projects spanning from a competitor analysis right through to blog writing. I really enjoyed coming up with recommendations on social media activities and suggesting creative effective ways to improve the company website. This to me was particularly fascinating as at university I had studied these areas so it was exciting to put what I had learnt into practice whilst learning new skills along the way!

Working alongside a small team gave me a greater insight into the company culture and the roles necessary for a business to operate on a daily basis. I also gained a greater concept of time management throughout my internship whether it was waking up early in the morning for the commute or preparing in adequate time for project deadlines. I have developed more confidence in presenting ideas, findings and recommendations, which will be extremely valuable in the world of work!

My time at People Marketing has facilitated wider learning in a real life business, which will be well accompanied by my Marketing Degree!

If you too are considering gaining extra experience through an industry placement or internship go for it! I would highly recommend gaining such experience.

Dianne Broomfield-Carter: Marketing and Business Support Intern