Being Aware of Your Digital Footprint: The Watchful Eye of the Recruiter

There is no doubt that social media has revolutionised the fashion and retailing industry, the concept of Fashion Blogging and Influencing as a career no longer seems bizarre.

In today’s digital world, building a strong online presence through social media can be the gateway to the success of your fashion career and increasing your chances of being recognised for your work. Brands have also noticed the benefits of using the social platforms for boosting exposure, networking and as a vital tool to their hiring process.

Over the years, the act of physically handing over your CV has rapidly decreased, as a high majority of employers are now receiving online applications. This has encouraged searching for candidates via the internet to put a face to the name and find out more to ensure they will be the best representation of their business. After scrolling through your feed a recruiter can make a decision about you within 30 seconds, so if you’re feeling deflated and can’t understand why you keep receiving a generic “We regret to inform you” email, it may be to do with your content.

Clearly, this is not new advice but think carefully when posting, liking or sharing across your socials as this could obstruct the next steps in your future if you’re sending the wrong message. Political rants on Twitter, reposting offensive memes or sharing photos from the fancy dress nights at University may not be as amusing to the employer as they are to your peers. Your digital footprint is called a footprint for a reason, this is an online trail that follows you every step of the way recording your activity as soon as you log on.

Here are a few key pointers to ensure you’re stepping in the right direction and only the best version of yourself is visible online.

1. Have a go at Googling yourself

First things first, have a go at doing a Google search on yourself, this will allow you to see the information recruiters can access about you. Ask yourself – Am I displaying a positive image? Would I employ myself? Additionally, investigate what family and friends may have posted about you on their pages, as it is likely that their data will also be attached to your name.

2. Protect your privacy

As we have evolved with technology, many of us use our social media accounts as a diary to document personal memories in order to stay connected with family and friends, however we tend to over share information that should remain private. Utilise your privacy settings, they’re there for a good reason, customise your settings for only friends to see specific things that you post.

3. Separate your accounts

You could separate your accounts, of course we like our candidates to stand out from the crowd but for the right reasons. If necessary have an account for your social life and your professional life especially if you’re in the process of building your own brand or increasing your network as you may attract the wrong audience.

4. Are you Linked In?

Linked In is a business-focused platform for making great connections and growing your network. It is one of the key platforms recruiters use when searching for candidates, you could say that it is Facebook for the professionals, as they are pretty much viewing an online version of your CV. More often than not, your Linked In profile will be one of the first links a recruiter can see when doing a Google search, they will see your display picture, employment history, education and achievements if you choose to display them. Ensure your profile looks clean, this means thinking about whether your display picture is appropriate, if you have any gaps in your employment and if you are connected to the right people.

Stay aware of your digital footprint at all times by following these simple steps as it will never leave you.

When you have taken action and your socials are squeaky clean! Make sure you register with us at so we can start finding the perfect fashion role for you! 🙂

Janay Josephs

Business Support Coordinator