Get Yourself Some Work Experience

With a few years of hard study under your belt, the mad rush of University deadlines and graduation fast approaching everyone’s concern turns to landing the perfect job – but take a step back – you first need to land the interview.

With graduating classes from around the country on the lookout for their dream job the biggest question is: how do you make your application stand out?

The answer is quite simple: Internships and Experience. Once in the real world it becomes apparent that an A* on paper shows you can work hard but does it show you are a good employee? How does the knowledge you have gained in the classroom translate to the workplace?

Unfortunately it doesn’t. The term ‘you need experience to get experience’ seems to be one of major concern to graduates and those just starting out in the job market. What better way to gain this experience than through a placement or internship, enabling you to gain first hand exposure to the working world – in your desired field.

Internships are not all about getting people coffee.

Internships expose you to new people in a professional capacity; build effective communication skills; encourage personal development and time management; develop the ability to complete professional tasks and meet deadlines; provides the opportunity to build professional connections and most importantly it is an opportunity for you to showcase your talents, commitment and value as a potential employee.

View an internship as an audition.

Employers are much more likely to hire someone with internships and work experience.

An internship is the best way for both sides to test if a working relationship is possible. It offers the opportunity to transition into full times roles whether within the company or elsewhere. It can provide you with recommendation letters and introductions; helps you enhance your CV and creates the building blocks necessary to find your path to a successful career.

Whether you are in your first year and still considering a placement year or in your final year and wondering whether you should complete some work experience before applying for full times roles – our advice is:

Go for it and make yourself stand out from the crowd!



Grace Mitchell: Business Support Coordinator