Successful ‘On Boarding’ your New Recruit

Congratulations! Your first-choice candidate has accepted your job offer and returned their signed contract. At this point it is tempting to breathe a sigh of relief, but it is too early to relax. In reality this is just the start of the process to successfully introduce a new starter to your business. A process called ‘on boarding’

Without nurturing and support, some candidates may have a change of heart during their notice period, and could be persuaded to accepting a ‘counter-offer’ from their current employer. Others may continue interviewing and accept an offer from an alternative company, and a small number may even start their new job but then quit after a bad first day or week.

Following our steps below will help you avoid these scenarios and increase the likelihood of successfully integrating your chosen candidate into your business

1. Welcome to the Team

As soon as your job offer is accepted, send a personalised letter or email to your candidate welcoming them to the team.  Advise them of key details such as the start time, and who they should report to on their first day, and let them know in the meantime you are available to answer any questions. Reiterate how pleased you are that they are joining your team.

2. Keep in Touch Throughout the Notice Period

Keep in touch throughout the notice period to ensure your candidate remains excited about their new role and is looking forward to getting started. Talk to them about the dress code, parking, and catering facilities or any other useful information that will help prepare them for their first day.  Invite them to any forthcoming social occasions so they have an opportunity to meet their future team members.

 At People Marketing we also set up the work station and send our new consultants a photo of their desk, to show we are eagerly awaiting their start.

3. Plan their start

Email all employees in advance so they know who will be starting and an outline of their new role within the business.

Tailor a detailed induction programme which should include an overview of the business, an introduction to all the departments within the business and an introduction to all key personnel.  Include regular feedback sessions with their line manager to ensure the desired aims are achieved, and include a review session at the end.

4. First Day

Make sure your new starter is welcomed into the team, introduced to key personnel, and made to feel comfortable. Perhaps appoint a ‘buddy’ to show them around and ensure they know everything they need to know, and support them in the first few days.

Some companies prepare a ‘welcome pack’ for new employees containing for example; branded pens, notepad and company hoody etc. One company also give a box of chocolates and the employee is encouraged to send an email introducing themselves to the whole company and inviting people to come over, say hello, and share the sweets.

Ensure all the technology is set-up in advance and working correctly and there is someone on hand to train and then assist the new starter.  It can be frustrating and embarrassing not to be able to do the basics.

Make sure they are fed and watered. Arrange for them to be accompanied at lunch time and shown where and how to get coffee and tea.  It is the small things that make the difference.

5. Check-in & Feedback

It is important to build in regular feed-back sessions during the induction period and beyond. These allow for two way communication and means any potential concerns can be raised and resolved.

At the end of the induction period, review how it has gone and discuss if any areas need to be re-visited or added into the programme.

The aim is to ensure that the new starter feels prepared, excited, and ready to start their new role.

 How can People Marketing Fashion Recruitment help?

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